Every VoIP assessment should follow a list of specific checks in order to give the client the necessary security assurance about his VoIP infrastructure. A checklist also disallows the pentester of forgetting to execute specific tests and therefore it prevents incomplete assessments.

After years of conducting this type of test I have compiled a list of attacks in a specific order of execution that I perform in every engagement.

  • VoIP-001 – VLAN hopping from data network to voice network
  • VoIP-002 – Extension Enumeration & Number Harvesting
  • VoIP-003 – Capturing SIP Authentication
  • VoIP-004 – Eavesdropping Calls
  • VoIP-005 – CallerID spoofing
  • VoIP-006 – RTP injection
  • VoIP-007 – Signaling Manipulation
  • VoIP-008 – Identification of insecure services
  • VoIP-009 – Testing for Default Credentials
  • VoIP-010 – Application level vulnerabilities
  • VoIP-011 – Voice Mail Attacks
  • VoIP-012 – Phone Firmware Analysis

You can find the list also on my GitHub account.

If you execute on your VoIP assessments more attacks please reply with a comment and I will update the list accordingly.


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