VoIP Default Password List

In a previous post I have shared a list of a specific attacks that can be executed in every VoIP engagement. The list contained also Testing for Default Credentials (VoIP-009) so the following table with common credentials for various VoIP devices has been created to assist with this specific type of test.

Vendor VoIP Device Username Password
Acme Packet 4600 admin packet
Alcatel 4400 PBX kermit kermit
Asterisk AsteriskNow Admin admin
Avaya IP Office 500 Administrator Administrator
Avaya Aura Conferencing admin admin
Cisco CallManager admin admin
Cisco SPA122 admin admin
Cisco Unified Communications 500 cisco cisco
Cisco IP Conference Station 7936 administrator **#
Grandstream UCM6102 admin admin
Mitel 3300 PBX system password
Mitel SX-200 installer 1000
Mitel SX-2000 system password
Mitel Aastra 6737i/6739i admin 22222
Polycom DMA 7000 admin admin
Polycom Soundstation IP6000 Polycom 456
Polycom Soundstation IP5000 admin 456
Sonus SBC Platform Manager admin Sonus12345
Snom Snom One admin
Yealink All Phones admin admin

The default password list for VoIP devices can be found also in GitHub.