Automater is a tool that can analyze and investigate IP addresses and URL’s for malicious content.Specifically this tool is using some web-based tools in order to obtain information about the URL and it passes the output to the user.The tool is written in python and there are four options for the user so far:

  • Query one IP address or URL for info
  • Import a file that contains a list of IP addresses or URL’s
  • Export the results to a file
  • Expansion of a shortened URL

In order to run the following tool properly on backtrack we need to download and install the following two libraries:httplib2 and argparse.

In the image below we can see a small description of the tool:

Description of Automater
Description of Automater


Now lets run the Automater with the command ./ -t URL against a website.

Running Automater against a URL
Running Automater against a URL


We can also use the URL expansion option in order to expand a short URL with the -e option.

URL Expansion
URL Expansion


As we can see the usage of the tool is pretty simple and it can help us to avoid visiting websites with malicious content.According to the author this is the first stable release and more features are coming in the upcoming versions.

Tool Details


Twitter Account:


Official Tutorial:

Video Demonstration

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