Time is a valuable thing in penetration testers life.So every pen-tester must know how to automate certain things that will allow him to have time for others most important.Updating the ExploitDB it is a necessary task so we will use a small bash script that will allow us to perform the update in Backtrack automatically.

ExploitDB-Update Code


The function of the above script is pretty simple.It will download the latest archive from the exploit-db website and it will extract it in the /pentest/exploits/exploitdb folder and then it will delete the archive file.

You can see the usage of the script in the screenshot below:

ExploitDB-Update in Action


This is a simple script that will allow you with one command to update your ExploitDB.


  1. Spooky, I wrote a similar script a week ago, the only difference is that I set the +x attrib back on the files.csv file. Not sure if it’s needed or not but.. This is my code

    echo “Downloading latest exploit-db archive file”
    wget http://www.exploit-db.com/archive.tar.bz2 -O /tmp/archive.tar.bz2
    echo “File successfully downloaded”
    echo “Decompressing archive file to /pentest/exploits/exploitdb/”
    tar -xvjf /tmp/archive.tar.bz2 -C /pentest/exploits/exploitdb/
    echo “Decompression complete, reseting executable properties for files.csv”
    chmod +x /pentest/exploits/exploitdb/files.csv
    echo “Tidying up downloaded file”
    rm /tmp/archive.tar.bz2
    echo “Update complete.”

  2. #!/bin/bash
    echo ‘***’
    echo ‘***’ “Now Updating Exploit-DB.”
    echo ‘***’
    wget -U ‘Mozilla/5.0’ http://www.exploit-db.com/archive.tar.bz2 -O /tmp/archive.tar.bz2
    tar -xjf /tmp/archive.tar.bz2 -C /pentest/exploits/exploitdb/
    rm -f /tmp/archive.tar.bz2
    echo ‘***’
    echo ‘***’ “Exploit-DB Update Has Completed.”
    echo ‘***’

  3. #!/bin/bash
    ## The simple way to update exploitdb (and save you some bandwidth) is to do the following
    cd /pentest/exploits/exploitdb/
    svn update

    # feel free to through in as many echo “some information” as you feel is needed.

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